FingerTech Mini Power Switch Screw


Replace the worn or damaged screw on a Fingertech mini power switch. Often the hex socket on the switch can get rounded out, or the switch screw can get damaged in combat.

This replacement part for Fingertech’s mini switch is made of 7075-T6 Aluminum and will allow you to quickly replace the screw in combat, rather than having to desolder and resolder the mini switch under pressure.

It has an extra deep hex socket that reduces the risk of rounding out the socket. Fingertech’s design has increased main shank diameter for more strength and increased current capacity through the switch. The screw also has a knurled head to keep the switch from vibrating out.


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The Fingertech Mini Power Switch Screw:

Category Specification
Material: 7076-T6 Aluminum
Drive: Hex, 3/32″ deep socket
Length: 12mm, 0.47in
Threaded length: 4.75mm, 0.2in
Head length: 2.75MM, 0.11in
Diameter: 2.5mm, 0.1in
Head Diameter: 4.5mm, 0.18in

Goes into our Mini Power Switch.