Fingertech Needle Bearings


Fingertech SCE45 Needle Bearing

If you do not have enough room for ball bearings, needle roller bearings may be the answer! Easily support motor shafts, weapon shafts, and other axles.

  • Extremely low radial section height – thanks to thin cylindrical rollers inside the bearing, the bearing hole does not need to be much larger than the shaft.
  • Needle roller bearings have a much higher load rating than ball bearings.


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SCE45 Needle Bearing:

Type Bore Dia (Fw) Outer Dia (D) Width (C) Radial Dynamic Load Rating (N): Radial Static Load Rating, (N): Max Speed (RPM) Weight (grams)
 SCE24TN 3.18mm (0.125in) 6.35mm (0.25in) 6.35mm (0.25in) 2750 740 35k 1.5
 SCE36 4.76mm (0.1875in) 8.73mm (0.3438in) 9.53mm (0.375in) 1600 2370 40k 2
 SCE44 6.35mm (0.250in) 11.11mm (0.4375in) 6.35mm (0.250in) 2500 1170 35k 2
 SCE45 6.35mm (0.250in) 11.11mm (0.4375in) 7.94mm (0.3125in) 2900 2090 35k 2
 SCE55 7.94mm (0.3125in) 12.7mm (0.5000in) 7.94mm (0.3125in) 3900 2600 32k 4
 SCE66 9.53mm (0.375in) 14.29mm (0.5625in) 9.53mm (0.375in) 5800 3950 30k 4
 SCE68 9.53mm (0.375in) 14.29mm (0.5625in) 12.7mm (0.500in) 4650 6600 30k 6
 SCE86 12.7mm (0.500in) 17.46mm (0.6875in) 9.53mm (0.375in) 6900 5400 26k 5
 SCE88 12.7mm (0.500in) 17.46mm (0.6875in) 12.7mm (0.500in) 8100 9000 26k 7
 SCE108 15.88mm (0.625in) 20.64mm (0.8125in) 12.7mm (0.500in) 9800 12000 24k 9
 SCE128 19.05mm (0.750in) 25.4mm (1.000in) 12.7mm (0.500in) 12500 22k 14