Flat Motor Mounts (pair)


Our flat motor mounts are designed to create a secure connection from motor to chassis, to prevent damage to motors during a fight.


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These motor mounts are sold in pairs.

Motor Mount Specifications:

  • Width: 38.1mm (1.5in)
  • Height: 31.75mm (1.25in)
  • Thickness: 1.63mm (0.06in)
  • 11mm hole pattern for Antweight motors such as Gold Spark, Silver Spark, etc.  Uses 2-56 button head screws.
  • 17mm hole pattern for for Beetleweight motors such as Kitbots 1000RPM, etc.  Uses M3 countersunk screws.
  • 18mm hole pattern (not pictured, new revision) for Beetleweight motors such as BotKits 22mm DC Motor, etc  Uses M2x0.4 countersunk screws.
  • Four mounting holes use #4 – #6 screws
  • Weight: 4.4grams (0.15oz) each
  • Screws not included. Use 2-56×1/8″ screws for Spark motors.

A good mechanical connection to the chassis is absolutely critical to the success of the bot in a fight. One of the main failure mechanisms for a combat bot is that the bot takes a hit and the motors come loose from the chassis. This can stop the bot from moving correctly in the area. Other failures include: wheels bind against the side of the chassis, erratic movement, difficulty steering, and more. Give your bot a rigid attachment point can reduce or eliminate this problem by enhancing the security and stability of the motor-to-chassis connection.

Fingertech designed these mounts to be somewhat universal for popular combat robot brands since they have matching hole patterns for several different kinds of motors. Use our motor mounts with Fingertech, BotKits, and Kitbots. This can help solve mounting problems and make the bot more rigid and survivable in a fight. Mounting blocks also tend to protect the motors.

The multiple hole patterns make mounting easy, and should you a different kind of motor, these are easily drilled and modified. Also, our red anodizing looks cool in the ring!

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