1lb Beater Bar Delrin Flange


Replace your worn or damaged 1lb Beater Bar Delrin Flange.

A replacement part for Fingertech’s 1lb Beater Bar kit for beetleweights.

Made of Delrin**, a plastic known for both its durability and it’s low friction surface, this flange can take a lot in combat!

** Note: Delrin is actually an engineering thermoplastic called Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as acetal, polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde. It’s used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability. As with many other synthetic polymers, it’s produced by different chemical firms with slightly different formulas and sold variously by such names as Delrin, Kocetal, Ultraform, Celcon, Ramtal, Duracon, Kepital, Polypenco, Tenac and Hostaform. (wikipedia)


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Fingertech 1lb Beater Bar Delrin Flange:

Category Specification
Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM) also known as Delrin.
Diameter: 28.58mm (1.125in)
Thickness: 2.54mm (0.1in)
Weight: 1.6g (0.06oz)
Center screwhole: 6.6mm (0.26in)
Two flanking countersunk screwholes: Sized for SAE 6-32 screws.
Two cutouts: Match the prongs of the 26T 1lb beater bar pulley
Color: Black.