Replacement Lifter Arms


Lifters get put under a lot of stress. Lifting one-pound combat bots over and over can create not just stress but cracks and failures. The lifter itself can get caught in the up position and put under extreme stress.

And so we get emails like this: “My son’s Lifter broke its’ arms. It would be great if we could get them from you. Will you start carrying them?”

Of course we will– all you had to do was ask. And here they are!


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Formerly made of polycarbonate, the Fingertech Replacement Lifter arms are now made of more durable UHMW. These are better able to take a hit, more flexible, tougher, and harder to damage. Polycarbonate had a tendency to be brittle, particularly under stress.

Although these are intended to be a replacement part, feel free to come up with creative uses of your own. These replacement lifter arms are sized to be compatible with the Fingertech Viper

Looking for a lifter? You can find the Fingertech Viper Lifter kit here:

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