Hakko soldering cleaning paste

Forget to turn your soldering iron off? Think your blackened tip has given up the ghost? Try Hakko Soldering Tip Cleaning Paste FS-100!

Hakko’s Soldering Tip Cleaning Paste FS-100 is specially formulated to easily remove oxide from soldering tips. All you have to do is run the hot tip through the cleaning paste and voila! Your tip is bright and shiny as new.

The Hakko FS-100 paste re-tins oxidized soldering iron tips and is 100% Lead-Free. The flux does not contain Diammonium phosphate and does not leave a corrosive residue. (Conforms to JIS-Z-3197 6.6.1 test method.)

Depending on the severity of the oxidation and/or corrosion, the FS-100 will help rejuvenate very oxidized and/or corroded soldering iron tips back to useful life.


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Amount 10g
Ingredients Flux and Tin (approx. 50% each)
Length 1.3″
Width 1.3″
Height 0.3″
Length in retail package 6.5″
Width in retail package 2.5″
Height in retail package 0.4″