Hakko Soldering Cleaning Sponge A1559

Part of the FX-888D soldering station is the FH-800 Soldering iron holder. Part of that station is the Hakko Soldering Cleaning Sponge.

When soldering, keeping your tip clean is critically important. Failure to clean the tip allows the tip to oxidize, and after some time, the tip becomes unusable and must be replaced. A clean tip is absolutely essential for good soldering, and developing the habit of wiping the tip on the sponge also becomes an essential habit and part of good soldering skills.

Over time, the sponge degrades and must be replaced. We keep a couple extras on hand at all times so when ours get worn out, or misplaced because we’ve traveled to an event, we’ve got another ready to go. They’re so essential and so inexpensive, they’re well worth it.

Check out the Hakko Soldering Cleaning Sponge.

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Specification Parameter
Product Height: 0.05″
Product Length: 2.50″
Product Width: 2.25″
Type of Sponge: Semicircular, 2 slits for tip