Hakko Soldering Reel Stand

The Hakko Soldering Reel Stand 611-1 keeps your bench neat by smoothly drawing solder wire as you need. When you’re making a very difficult joint, the free flow of solder wire into your hands without snags or obstructions is critically important to the success of your joint. THe last thing you need while you’re concentrating is for the solder wire to snag.

Most soldering reels up to 1 kg will fit into the stand.

Note: Solder wire not included.


  • ESD-Safe
  • Holds up to 2.2 pounds of solder wire
  • Non-slip bottom holds stand firmly onto your workbench

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Hakko Soldering Reel Stand 611-1

Specification Parameter
Part Number 611-1
Description STAND, SOLDER, REEL, 611-1
Shaft Diameter 0.59″ 15mm
Usable Solder Roll solder 1kg (Max) x1
Length 5.5″, 141mm
Width 3.4″, 87mm
Height 3.1″, 78mm
Weight 15.9 oz, 450g
Color Black