ItGresa Resurrection Gift Card

ItGresa Robot Resurrection Gift Card: Bring a bot back from the dead! Resurrect your favorite person’s combat bot.

Is your loved one a combat robot builder? Was their bot completely dead after a match? Don’t know what to get to help them? The grief from the death of your favorite bot is a process. The good news is that when a robot’s irretrievably broken, you can just fix it!

You can help your special someone move through the grief process with a Robot Rebuild gift card! $200 will resurrect most antweights and many beetles. It’s a great start, and perhaps a finish, of a 100% total rebuild of what was broken during the match

Whether the bot is completely dead, scrap, or it’s just getting old and needs a 100% do-over, the Robot Resurrection gift card is for you!

(And builders, print this out and leave it somewhere– or send the link– if you need to leave a hint!)

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