ItGresa Robotics Lanyard


Don’t get tired carrying your controller around all day at an intense match. Fly the ItGresa Brand. Use the ItGresa Robotics Lanyard.  Our transmitter straps make your fighting experience better.


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Using a lanyard or a neck strap when you are fighting your robot is important for a number of reasons. Don’t believe us? See this video.  A lanyard or neck strap can not only help your ergonomics and give you better control at the same time, it absolutely protects your controller from being damaged if you lose your grip.  Never happen to me, you say?  Why take a chance?

For the best ergonomics, the lanyard should fit comfortably around your neck, carry the weight of the transmitter, and allow you to easily press down on the controls.  The clasp is a sturdy swivel lobster claw so it doesn’t come off accidentally.

And with the snappy ItGresa Robotics lanyard to your ItGresa Viper kit, you not only make your life easier and protect your transmitter, you show the robotics community your ItGresa spirit.  Be the cool one in the pits!  If you got it, flaunt it!  Get the ItGresa transmitter strap today.  Comes in two colors:  ultra-cool black, and ItGresa blue.  Get both, if you want!

Use your lanyard on our transmitter, or on our Viper Kits here and here.