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If you’ve connected a lipoly battery in your robot or other device, odds are that you’ve seen a JST male two pin connector on your battery.  Ours are high quality, high strand count silicon wire.  This gives a higher amp throughput vs the standard wire of the same diameter. Connectors are plated for higher current handling and reduced intermittency due to oxidation. Great for a power disconnect in a low current system, or as a general connector in smaller bots. Male two pin JST connectors are found on our Galaxy Lipoly battery packs.

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  • 20 gauge AWG
  • 21cm (8.3 inches) long.
  • ST plug connector cable type.  2 pin JST connector
  • Current: Rated 8A continuous (Combat robots routinely run >60A through these!)
  • Connector Housing Dimensions: 20 x 6 x 3mm (0.78 x 0.24 x 0.12in).  Standard JST (Japan Solderless Terminal Corporation) type RCY connector
  • Plug connector color: red; Cable wire color: red and black
  • Suitable for combat robotics and also for most mini RC models, and LED strip lights.  Also used for connecting motors, Electronics Speed Controllers, and batteries.
  • Used on our Viper Kits

Tip: Female connector conventionally used for robot-side (non-live side) of connection. The male JST two pin connector is used for battery or power source.