Just Cuz Robotics Dartbox 6mm Shaft Upgrade Kit


Just Cuz Robotics Dartbox 6mm Shaft Upgrade Kit

Do you want a stronger shaft? Tired of the weakness of a 4mm? Shafts are the most easily damaged part of most gearmotors. Now you can upgrade! If you drive a wheel directly on a DartBox Drive shaft, this upgrade will be perfect for you!

This upgrade kit is exactly what you need to swap a 6mm shaft onto your existing DartBox Drive gear motors. The replacement shafts come already pressed into a carrier plate with pins installed for planet gears. The carrier plate is the only part identical to what is originally shipped inside the gearboxes. Gears are not included, you will need to make sure not to lose any parts when disassembling your gearbox to replace the shaft!

To upgrade a gearbox, you may need circlip pliers or a small flathead screwdriver, and a 1.5mm hex wrench (the same size included with any of my Motor Mount Plates). No other tools are needed, but blue Loctite (242) is recommended for reinserting the screws.

These shafts ARE compatible with original DartBox V1 (not square) gearboxes, and both 23:1 and 107:1 DartBox V2. They also are compatible with Rectified Robotics brushed and brushless 22mm gear motors.

But they are NOT compatible with Mega Spark, Botkits, Mercurybox or the V2 135:1 HR gearboxes. The shaft carrier pin spacing is different. I have yet to find out if they are compatible with any gearbox besides those above.

Sold as 1 upgrade kit each. Motor not included! One kit is needed to upgrade one (1) DartBox V2 Drive gearbox.

15 in stock (can be backordered)

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Just Cuz Robotics Dartbox 6mm Shaft Upgrade Kit

Specifications Details
Material Steel
Compatible With: Original DartBox V1 (not square) Drive gearboxes, 23:1 and 107:1 DartBox V2, Rectified Robotics brushed and brushless 22mm motors
Not Compatible With: Mega Spark, Botkits, Mercurybox or the Just ‘Cuz V2 135:1 HR gearboxes
Shaft Diameter 6mm
Installation Pre-pressed into carrier plates with pins for easy installation
Additional Tools Needed Circlip pliers, 1.5mm hex wrench (not included)
Quantity 1 kit per package
Not Included Gears are not included

To upgrade the motor, follow the same reassembly process as for the original. The videos below should help.

Video for assembling the 6mm upgrade front plate

Video for replacing the existing shaft

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