Just Cuz Robotics Dartbox V2 Gecko Gearmotors 22mm


No More Burnt Motors!

Lower current at higher voltage, same durable Gearbox!

The Just Cuz Robotics Dartbox V2 Gecko Gearmotors 22mm are here! These are a pro-quality motor that is an incredible choice for your beetleweight if you balancing speed and power are a key goal for you. Geckos are an incredible motor with a great power optimization that runs cooler and with a more reasonable speed at a higher voltage.

The new Gecko motors, part of the Dartbox V2 family, are designed for reliability and flexibility above all. Many builders in 2023 are moving to higher voltage systems, so Gecko motors offer lower speed and power at 12 Volts so they can still survive 4S all day (and even 6S in some applications)! Gecko motors have a peak current draw of a third that of our Viper motors, so they run much cooler and you won’t have to worry about burning up a motor even when pushing these hard, or with four of them in your robot.

The core of the DartBox V2 family is a custom, all-metal 22mm diameter planetary gearbox with a square ring gear. While DartBox V1 got the name by using dart blaster mod motors, V2 now uses totally custom motors with even more amazing performance. With a solid steel 4mm and 6mm diameter 24mm long D shaft, and 100% steel gear train, you won’t have to worry about mulching a plastic geared stage, and you get the added durability of a planetary gear reduction, unlike with some cheaper gearbox options.

Unlike sensorless brushless motors often used for drive applications, brushed motors give you 100% torque from 0 RPM every single time. These motors will pull a ton of current when stalled, producing immense stall torque. Only use DartBox with a suitable current-rated Brushed ESC

Another major benefit of the Gecko motor is the expanded ESC options! Powerful ESCs such as the Scorpion Mini (2 drive sides), will work great with these, but you can drive 2-3 motors per side rather than a single Viper or Dragon motor. There are many lower-power ESC options that can drive one Gecko motor per side as well, anything rated for at least 5 amps peak at 4S or 4 Amp peak at 3S should work!Here are some ESCs:

The Just Cuz Robotics Dartbox V2 family of Gearmotors 22mm are generally designed for Beetleweight (3lb) combat bots. Beetleweights are one of the most common competitive combat bot weight classes. They are a great combination of action, access to a high number of events, stunning destructive power, and simplicity- for the intermediate or even beginning robot builder. As the sport evolves, Beetleweights are becoming more prevalent, better engineered, and significantly more destructive. And while the garden variety motors have been good for the time, we believe these motors are more durable and able to withstand the rigors of the ring better.

We’ve been looking for the perfect 22mm beetleweight gearmotor for a long time. And we’ve admired builder/designer Seth Schaffer and the great business he’s built with Just ‘Cuz Robotics. He’s the kind of entrepreneur we like to partner with here at ItGresa Robotics. We’d love it if you would support Just ‘Cuz! So check out the Dartbox family of professional-quality motors, including the Gecko!


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Just Cuz Robotics Dartbox V2 Gecko Gearmotors 22mm Features:

  • 24mm motor shaft allows you to cut to length to improve versatility.
  • Solid Steel 4mm or 6mm shaft allows you to balance weight vs strength to survive larger impacts and yet meet weight.
  • All metal 22mm planetary gearbox with a square ring gear and 100% steel gear train.
  • Brushed motors give you 100% torque from 0 RPM every single time.
  • Comes ready for combat on any 3lb bot design.

Type 4mm 6mm
Motor Speed, 12V/3S 24150 RPM @ 3S 24150 RPM @ 3S
Speed, @12V/3S 1100 +/- 55 RPM Max 1550 RPM
Speed, @16V/4S ~1520 RPM ~2000 RPM
Speed, @20V/5S ~1900 RPM ~1900 RPM
Speed, @24V/6S ~2350 RPM ~2350 RPM
Gear Ratio 22.5:1 22.5:1
Output Shaft Style D-shaft D-shaft
Motor Type Brushed DC Brushed DC
Stall Torque 11.1v / 3S 58 ozf-in (4.2kgf-cm) 58 ozf-in (4.2kgf-cm)
Stall Torque 14.6v / 4S 63.2 ozf-in (4.6kgf-cm) 63.2 ozf-in (4.6kgf-cm)
Gear Material Metal Metal
Gearbox Style Planetary Planetary
Connector Type Male Spade Terminal Male Spade Terminal
Weight 53.7g 56.0g
Gearbox Length: 19.4mm 19.4mm
Motor Length: 27.1mm 27.1mm
Total Length: 46.5mm from face 46.5mm from face
Dartbox Diameter: 22mm 22mm
Shaft Diameter: 4mm 6mm
Shaft Length: 24mm 24mm
Mounting Holes (4): Screw face mount 18mm circle Screw face mount 18mm circle
Mounting screw M2 M2

Usage Notes:

  • Gecko motors are ideal for Beetleweight combat robots or extra pushy antweight bots. Viper and Dragon motors are super fast with an ungeared RPM of 35000 on 3S, while Gecko motors are about 31% slower to allow for more reasonable speed at a higher voltage. Gecko motors should run cooler at about 1/3rd the stall current of a Viper motor, and much harder to burn up so your drive never dies!
  • At higher voltage or loading you may want to consider cooling. If you are driving these above 4S, adding vents and a path for fresh air to get to the motors is a good idea even if it isn’t strictly necessary.
  • WARNING: Stalling any brushed motor can cause permanent damage, you should intend to operate at under 50% of the stall torque. Momentary stalls are OK, and extended stalls are more survivable at a lower voltage. At 6S even a 3-second stall can cause damage.

ItGresa Robotics is proud to support the builder community by offering and marketing their products. Just ‘Cuz Robotics has quickly become known for both incredible product innovation and technical support for the community through their great videos. We are proud to be one of the very first distributors to partner with them and help bring their incredible products to a broader market.