Just Cuz Robotics JCR-4935 “Cherry Bomb” Brushless Motor


Just Cuz Robotics JCR-4935 “Cherry Bomb” 1000kV Battle Hardened Brushless Motor – designed and built for combat from the ground up!

Months of work have gone into making the most durable motor possible to fit into a beetleweight (or even bigger) combat robot, and the Just Cuz Robotics JCR-4935 “Cherry Bomb” Motor is the result. In larger weight class bots, pro-class builders frequently make modifications to stock motors to help them survive the rigors of combat: boring out the motor to fit larger bearings; adding larger, more durable shafts; removing circlips and setscrews; adding epoxy to the magnets; and more. All of this work is done to battle harden weapon motors and give you a little more advantage in the ring.

Now, for the first time ever, you can buy a motor off the shelf with all of these mods and more built in! No more tedium!

The JCR-4935 is designed with combat in mind from the very beginning. This motor is not some hodgepodge of parts from different motors and separate machined components, it’s a proper motor, tightly integrated and professionally balanced.

This is not a toy! It’s a beast of a motor. Grab it in your fist and you can feel the weight and power of it, even before you mount it into a frame. If you want to do some SERIOUS damage, this is the pro-level motor for you!

This motor is intended to be mounted to a rigid robot frame component and as such does not come with a mounting plate or bracket.


  • 1X JCR-4935 motor, combat-ready out of the box!
  • 6X Alloy Steel M5 x 12mm flat head screws
  • 4X Alloy Steel M5 x 10mm button head screws
  • 4X 6mm diameter x 10mm length hardened steel dowel pins (these will be a slip fit with the top of the motor, and must press fit into blades or whatever else you are attaching on top).

5 in stock (can be backordered)

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  • Dimensions: 49mm can diameter, 35.5mm can length
  • Stator Size: Roughly 40 x 12mm (About 70% larger than 3536 can motors)
  • Weight: 213 grams (7.5 oz, 0.47 lb)
  • KV: 1000kV
  • Voltage: 3S-6S with appropriate ESCs
  • Power and Current: See the below chart for empirical test data
  • 6X M5 bolts for mounting to your robot frame
  • 4X M3 on 25mm circle as alternative ‘compatibility’ mounting
  • 4X M5 bolts and 4X 6mm dowel pin holes to attach weapons, gears, pulleys, or whatever else you can think of
  • 4140 Alloy steel 8mm billet flanged shaft, hardened to 46-48HRC

Just Cuz Robotics JCR-4935 “Cherry Bomb” Brushless Motor Features:

  • No circlips or set screws!
  • Super strong, curved neodymium magnets
  • Epoxied magnets for extra durability
  • High-temperature copper windings, 14AWG silicone wires rated to 200 C
  • Large 698 and 688 bearings to support the shaft
  • M5 button head bottom shaft attachment

Experimental bench test data using 70A ESC

Just Cuz Robotics JCR-4935 Cherry Bomb Brushless 1kV motor test specifications

Usage Notes:

  • NOTE: Cherry Bomb’s specs are not precisely known because this is a custom motor. Cherry Bomb should be mated with a 50A or greater rated ESC. This has been tested and working with 70A BlHeli32 and AM32 ESCs, 45A Tekko45, and a few others. More testing is still in the works.
  • Actual current draw and torque are highly dependent on your exact ESC and configuration, battery, voltage, and loading. Air resistance and tip speed for your weapon play a huge role in the current draw of your system. Even reducing speed by 20% might cut air resistance in half.

ItGresa Robotics is proud to support the builder community by offering and marketing their products. Just ‘Cuz Robotics has quickly become known for both incredible product innovation and technical support for the community through their great videos. We are proud to be one of the very first distributors to partner with them and help bring their incredible products to a broader market.