Just ‘Cuz Robotics Motherboard


The King of Space Efficiency in Combat Robotics. All-In-One on Steroids!

The Just Cuz Robotics Motherboard is awesome for combat robots in the antweight (1lb) and beetleweight (3lb) weight classes. This board combines the functionality that typically would come from a myriad of discrete components, saving you weight, time, space, money, and improving the repairability and cleanliness of your robot’s internals.

Now there is no need for messy wiring and ‘squids’ to connect your robot’s internals! Your bot’s wiring is clean and lean, organized, and easy to troubleshoot and modify.

NOTE: This is NOT a replacement for ESCs. But it will make the wiring clean and compact!

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Just ‘Cuz Robotics Motherboard

Parameter Spec
Length 49.5mm, 1.95″
Width 28.4mm, 1.12″
Thickness 11.7mm, 0.46″
Weight ~18 g, (0.64 oz) ea, fully assembled.

Just ‘Cuz Robotics Motherboard Features:

  • Input voltage 9-30V or 3-7S, and the SB bridge will create 7.4V for a servo
  • Current rating: massive copper traces on both sides for increased current-carrying and heat dissipation. Anything an XT30 can take, this can too!
  • Built-in screw switch to disconnect battery voltage from all devices (tested at 32A for 3.5 minutes, 50A+ for 30 seconds, 100A+ for 3 seconds)
  • A separate 5V only BEC dedicated to the receiver!
  • 3-Amp high voltage BEC capable of handling powerful hobby servos
  • Convenient mounting points for up to four XT30 or XT30U connectors! Battery, Servo, Drive, Weapon, Another weapon? (I recommend using Male for Battery and Female for others on the board)
  • Convenient 3.8mm M3/#6 mounting screw holes to hold down the board or attach a cover
  • Clearly marked orientation for connectors to avoid reverse polarity ruining your parts
  • Clear labels and reference designators for all components and pins for easy assembly and troubleshooting
  • Convenient bright power LED
  • Onboard receiver direct mount for FS2A and similar receivers!
  • Power the receiver and still get all 4 signal channels broken out for devices and ESCs

NOTE: a precharge circuit is recommended >4S, and additional solder on top of the circular pad under the screw head is highly recommended at >3S

This product, and all other Just ‘Cuz Robotics products, are intended for use in hobby projects, and for educational and experimental uses. These devices are not suitable for any application where human life or health or significant property value depend on their proper operation. Just ‘Cuz Robotics, LLC and ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc. d/b/a ItGresa Robotics are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the operation or failure of this product or any others. The specifications listed are accurate to the best of our knowledge but are not guaranteed in any way. The buyer assumes all responsibility for proper use, testing, and verification of this unit in any application. Just ‘Cuz Robotics, LLC’s and ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc’s liabilities are limited to replacement of defective DOA units. By installing and using this unit you are agreeing to these terms. If you do not agree you may return any unused units for a refund.

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