Just Cuz Robotics Pariah 70A AM32 ESC


Just Cuz Robotics Pariah 70A AM32 ESC – Perfect for 3lb Weapon Motors, 12lb Drive and More!

Introducing the Just ‘Cuz Pariah 70A ESC, a powerhouse of performance and versatility. Running on the cutting-edge AM32 firmware, this electronic speed controller redefines the game with its incredible responsiveness and low-end torque, tailored for sensorless brushless motors. Pairs perfectly with the JCR-4935 weapon motor and the Battle Ready RDY Hubmotor!

Based on the same tried and true hardware that has driven Division’s weapon for years but upgraded with the latest and greatest firmware, the Pariah will power the heaviest weapons in Beetleweight robots, and even the drivetrains in many larger robots.

But that’s not all! The Pariah 70A takes customization to the next level. With a simple USB programmer or an old Arduino, you can fine-tune the settings for different applications, making it perfect for brushed or brushless drive, big brushless motor weapons, and other unique situations. Programming is not a requirement; this product will work great right out of the box for most brushless motors!

While the default setting is for a Brushless Weapon motor, see the Product Documents section for more info, files, and documentation on the ESC. Includes information on how to switch to brushed mode or how to tweak the firmware configuration. You can also download our quick start guide, courtesy of Just ‘Cuz Robotics, with helpful tips, videos, configuration files, and links.

The ESC includes clear heat shrink to cover your connections. Pro tip: add silicone under the heat shrink for maximum durability!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This ESC does not come with an onboard BEC and cannot power a receiver. Don’t fret — pair it seamlessly with the Just ‘Cuz Long All-In-One PD Board for your drive and weapon needs. This powerhouse addition brings a BEC, power switch, LED, and distribution into one comprehensive solution.

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  • Continuous Current (Default Brushless Mode): 70A
  • Continuous Current (Brushed Mode): 31A
  • Voltage Range: 3-6S (9 – 26V)
  • Length: 43mm (1.69 in)
  • Width: 21mm (0.83 in)
  • Thickness: 6mm (0.24 in)
  • Weight: 9.5g (0.34 oz) without wires

Just Cuz Robotics Pariah 70A AM32 ESC Features:

  • 70A Default Brushless Mode: Perfect for the Just ‘Cuz JCR-4935, RDY-5536, and other large motors.
  • 31A Brushed Mode: Suitable for any two DartBox motors, and single motors up to 550 size.
  • Default Configuration: Brushless Weapon (single direction mode, braking disabled)
  • Actual current draw and torque are highly dependent on your exact ESC and configuration, battery, voltage, and loading. Air resistance and tip speed for your weapon play a huge role in the current draw of your system. Even reducing speed by 20% might cut air resistance in half.
  • ItGresa Robotics is proud to support the builder community by offering and marketing their products. Just ‘Cuz Robotics has quickly become known for both incredible product innovation and technical support for the community through their great videos. We are proud to be one of the very first distributors to partner with them and help bring their incredible products to a broader market.