LiPoly Tester, Meter, and Alarm


Our LiPoly Tester Meter and Alarm is simplicity itself. Just connect the tester to the balance connector on the Lipoly battery and the large, bright LED display shows battery cell voltages, overall voltage for the entire pack, lowest cell voltage, and overall battery capacity.

The tester also supports reverse connection protection so you never have to worry about making a mistake.

If your bot can support the additional weight, you can also leave the meter connected to use as a low voltage alarm. The levels are programmable.

A pretty cool piece of tech at an inexpensive price!


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Use our LiPoly Tester, Meter, and Alarm:

  • As a Lipo tester: to test your batteries before and after a match.
  • Supports voltage tests for 1s-8s Lipo/ Li-ion/ LiMn/ Li-Fe batteries
  • Use as a low voltage Lipo alarm: battery monitor checker will keep buzzing when the voltage is below 3.3v. You can change the alarm voltage value using the black button between 2 speakers.
  • As a Lipo meter: to get detailed statistics on your battery: read the value of battery cell voltage, total voltage, lowest cell voltage, and remaining battery capacity.
Specification Operating Parameter
Voltage detection precision: within 0.01 V.
Unit voltage display range: 0.5~4.5 V
Total voltage display range: 0.5~36 V
1S test mode voltage range: 3.7~30 V
Low voltage alarm mode: 2-8 S
Alarm set value range: OFF~2.7~3.8 V
Dimensions: 25mm x 40mm x 11mm. 1″ x 1.57″ x 0.43″

Use: Connect the balance connector to the pins of the tester and it will show the battery statistics on the large LED display

Supports reverse connection protection.

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