Lynx Switch


The Lynx Switch:
Pro-series switch for 6S+ Beetleweight power!

Bring some Lynx DNA to your robot! This switch is specifically designed to power on and off your 6s+ robot without sparking or eroding the contacts. On other switches, spark erosion reduces the amount of electrical contact the switch makes, resulting in heat, power restriction, or random switch failures. When you turn your bot on, there is a huge rush of current to charge the empty capacitors. The Lynx Switch has a built-in pre-charge circuit that limits the inrush current when turning on your robot, gently charging up the capacitors in your bot. While this beetleweight switch is designed for 6s and up, it can also be used with batteries less than 6s or for robots smaller than 3lbs or larger than 3lbs at your own risk.

There are a few important things that make the lynx switch unique. It must be fully unscrewed until it is topped out for the off position. Like normal switches, it must be completely tightened down for the full on position. However, this switch adds an intermediate pre-charge position that it should not stay in for long. The Lynx Switch adds all this capability while only measuring 6x14x14mm. It features an extra-long output tab that acts as a buss bar, large enough to solder multiple wires to.

WARNING: Running a bot in the intermediate pre-charge state will burn out the pre-charge resistor.

WARNING: When turning off the switch, unscrew it until you feel resistance. Too much torque in the unscrewed position can strip out the threads.

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Product Documents


The Lynx Switch

Parameter Spec
Length 14mm, 0.55″
Width 14mm, 0.55″
Width with Tabs 22mm, 0.87″
Thickness 6mm, 0.24″
Weight 3g, 0.1oz
Driver size 2.5mm hex (Allen wrench)
Hole diameter 2.5mm
Hole center-to-center 10mm
ΔT after 3 minutes at 24V and 13.2A constant 5°c
ΔT after 3 minutes at 24V and 19.4A constant 6°c

Lynx Switch Features:

  • Small case size of 6mm x 14mm x 14mm
  • Extra large 22mm output tab that acts a bus bar for multiple connections
  • Operating voltage 6S+, 22.2v+
  • Pre-charge circuit eliminates strain to capacitors and spark erosion to your switch, which can limit power and create intermittency.

The Lynx Switch, and all other Iba Labs and ItGresa Robotics products, are intended for use in hobby, educational, and experimental projects and designs. These devices are not suitable for any application where human life or health or significant property value depend on their proper operation. Iba Labs and ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc. d/b/a ItGresa Robotics are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the operation or failure of this product or any others. The specifications listed are accurate to the best of our knowledge but are not guaranteed in any way. The buyer assumes all responsibility for proper use, testing, and verification of this unit in any application. IBA Labs and ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc’s liabilities are limited to replacement of defective DOA units. By installing and using this unit you are agreeing to these terms. If you do not agree you may return any unused units for a refund.