M2-0.40 x 5mm Flat Head Screws


These are the screws for mounting the 24mm Megaspark Brushless Premium Planetary Gearmotor to our Flat MegaSpark Mount.

Includes 8 screws, good for mounting two motors.

Fingertech Megaspark 24mm Premium Planetary Motor


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Use the metric M2 flat head screws to mount our Megaspark Brushless Premium Planetary Gearmotor to the Megaspark Mounts.

Connection is critical: don’t take a carefully built bot with a lot of time invested and create an issue in the ring because of a hurried and impatient choice for screws. Use the screws the product was designed for. The M2 kit of mounting screws is just want the designer ordered.

Choose the right screws: the M2 flat head screws are the right choice for brushless motor mounting. THe right screws simplify your life, and make things much easier in the pits.

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