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Malenki-Nano is a radio receiver and speed controller integrated into a single tiny PCB intended for builders of small robots, where space and weight are important. Malenki Nanos have been widely used throughout the UK for “UK Antweight rules” robots, which have a maximum weight of 150g. In the US, Malenki Nanos are perfect for the Fairyweight class, also 150g.

In the past, the only way to get Malenki Nanos was to order them from a UK site like Bristol Bot Builders, with the corresponding time and shipping penalty to the US.

We sensed that US builders in the growing competitive Fairyweight space would really want a local source for Malenki Nanos. Builders in the UK love them. We were very pleased to work with Mark Robson and Scott Siegel to develop a source for the ESCs in the US and to offer them to you. Part of our mission at ItGresa Robotics is to continue to offer you the very best in innovative products from the best vendors to expand access to the sport.

Unlike single Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) that only control a single motor, Dual ESCs (DESCs) can control two motors at once. This can save the builder on cost and on weight. The Malenki is technically a Triple ESC (two brushed outputs and one brushless output for a weapon motor). The Malenki also has two additional outputs that support servo and/or brushless weapon options.

Additionally, in late 2021 a “servo-stretcher” feature was added to the Malenki-Nanos. The vast majority of servos used in antweights have physical ranges well beyond the default settings, most of them offering near double the angle by increasing the range of signal sent to them. The stretcher feature is disabled by default to prevent unexpected servo action, and is easily enabled in configuration mode. What could you make happen with double the servo range?

To make it even more attractive, the Malenki also has an integrated receiver. Incredibly low weight and high functionality in such a small package! One Malenki board can replace two single motor controllers, a receiver, and a weapon or servo motor controller. Where else can you find such a combination of functionality in a single, small package like this?

Malenki Nano Dual ESC key links:

Binding and Wiring Manual
User manual
Fusion360 CAD (thanks, Felix!)


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The Malenki Nano Dual ESC and Receiver:

At last in the US! We’re thrilled to be able to carry Mark Robson’s Malenki Nano ESC & Receiver. The Malenki-Nano comes in a tiny package but has more functionality than most much larger ESCs. AND it comes with an integrated receiver as well!

  • Size: 1.22″ x 0.79″ x .15″ (31mm x 20mm)
  • Weight: 0.096oz (2.6 grams)
  • Input power voltage: 3.6 – 8.5 volts
  • Brushed ESC channels: 3 (all reversible)
    • Two brushed channels are for drive motors with onboard mixing & center braking, one is for the weapon.
    • Mixing: On board mixing of channel L and R (can be disabled)
    • Center Braking: Center braking on drive channels – zero signal will instantly stop motors.
    • Maximum current per channel: 1.8A
    • Each channel is capable of driving two N20s.
  • PWM channels: 2 (independent of brushed channels)
  • Built-in AFHDS 2A (flysky) receiver to save weight and space
  • 19th August 2021 firmware update: servo stretcher mode – see documentation!
  • Driving invert mode – can switch forward/backward on transmitter switch when the robot is upside down
  • Telemetry – battery voltage information sent to transmitter
  • Automatic shutdown on low battery to prevent damage to lipos
  • BEC: No BEC. Servos can be run off 2S or require an external BEC.

Malenki Nano Dual ESC overview diagram

Malenki Overview Diagram

Malenki Nano Dual ESC wiring Diagram

Malenki Wiring Example Diagram

Malenki Nano Dual ESC key links:

Binding and Wiring Manual
User manual
Fusion360 CAD (thanks, Felix!)

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