Megaspark 11T Brass Pinion Gear


Sometimes you need something more special than a standard motor/gearbox combo. We recognize that, so we’ve provided a means for builders to use a different motor for their premium planetary motors. We’re now able to offer the Fingertech Megaspark Gearbox by itself. You can mount the Fingertech Megaspark gearbox to ANY 1806 brushless motor. However, to do so requires a properly sized pinion. And of course, we offer one! You can mount most motors that have a 2mm shaft to press the pinion on to. ItGresa offers these pinions individually to better enable mounting to any motor with the proper shaft.

To be able to mount the pinion to the shaft, you should press the pinion onto the shaft using an arbor press. If you don’t have an arbor press, it’s possible to press the pinion carefully on to the shaft by using a vise. When pressing, be sure to apply pressure only to the shaft hub and not to the motor body or you may deform the motor.

The Megaspark 11T Brass Pinion Gear is the only item included.


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Megaspark 11T Brass Pinion Gear:

  • 11T pinion with 2mm bore to mate our FT1806 motor to the Mega Spark Planetary Gearbox.

Item Specifications
Teeth: 11
Length: 4mm
Bore: 2mm press fit
Weight: 0.4g
Gear MOD: 0.4
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