Megaspark Brushless Drive Gearmotor – 2300kv


We have long waited for Fingertech’s experience and reliability to be translated from antweight motors to beetleweight. Now, the long wait is over. After two years of development, Fingertech is proud to announce the FingerTech “Brushless Mega Spark” 24mm Premium Planetary Gearmotor.

“Some have described the available torque [of brushless motors] as ‘apocalyptic'”

Beetleweights are becoming more prevalent and more wicked. And the available motors have been good, but… imagine brushless power and control in your beetleweight! Now you can have it.

Fingertech, in their quest for the perfect combat bot that’s vicious to fight but easy to use, has taken the guesswork out of the brushless drive. No more fiddling with mismatched faceplates and reflashing ESCs – just drop them in your robot and go!

Plus, they just LOOK beautiful!

Important note:

This is the first production run. Once these are gone, leadtimes may be two months or more! And you know what supply chains are like these days. We expect these to sell out very quickly! Don’t be disappointed, order now!


Available on backorder

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Our first two shipments from Fingertech have arrived!

These will go quickly! Once they are gone, leadtimes may be two months or more before we can get more back in. Buy now, so you are not disappointed!

They’ve finally arrived! In development for nearly two years, the new Fingertech Brushless MegaSpark Gearmotors are here to step up your beetleweight game. (Yes we feel the irony of applying the naming convention “Mega Spark” to a brushless motor that generates no sparks!)

Fingertech Brushless MegaSpark Gearmotor Features:

  • Tuned for the perfect mix of speed and torque. Depending on wheel size, you can outrun or outpush any opponent!
  • FingerTech’s signature extra long shaft can be used for added inboard/outboard bearing support, or for extra wide wheels!
  • The huge 6mm diameter shaft is plenty strong for mounting drive wheels directly.

If you need face-mounting screws, one pack of these will mount two motors: M2-0.40 x 5mm Flat Head Screws (8pcs)

Mount to your robot using our Flat Mega Spark Mounts.

Item Specifications
KV: 2300KV
Motor Diameter: 23.1mm (slightly smaller than gearbox, so it won’t rub on a wall if flush-mounted)
Gearbox Diameter: 24mm (0.94in)
Shaft: 6mm diameter, 38mm length, hardened steel with D-flat for setscrews or D-bore hub.
Ratio: 21.5:1 Premium planetary gearbox with dual deep-groove ball bearings
RPM @ 3S: 1187rpm
RPM @ 4S: 1583rpm
Length: 48mm + 38mm shaft (1.89in + 1.50in shaft)
Weight: 71.5g (2.52oz)
Recommended ESC: BL20A-R
Motor Wires: 10cm 26AWG long with 3.5mm bullet connectors
Mounting holes: 4x M2-0.40 holes spaced equally on an 18mm circle

The ESCs for them are the same BL20As that come with the Viper add-ons (for running the D2822 outrunners), but Fingertech reflashes them to operate both forward and reverse.

Fingertech Brushless MegaSpark Gearmotors: Tested by Experts!

Near Chaos Robotics helped test these bad boys and we are proud to report that Team ItGresa got beat by a bot running these from Near Chaos. So we know they work!

See our Fingertech Silver Sparks for your antweight motors: 33.3:1 and 22.2:1.