Megaspark Brushless Drivetrain Bundle


The MegaSpark Brushless Bundle:

Why spend your time making sure you have all the parts to upgrade your existing drivetrain to the beauty of Brushless? Why endure the frustration of reflashing because you neglected to order ESCs with reverse? What if you lost a match because you didn’t have compatible mounting screws? The Megaspark Brushless Bundle is for you! Everything you need to upgrade your motors to the new Fingertech Brushless Premium Planetary Gearmotors.

The Megaspark Brushless Bundle includes the four key components necessary to create a full brushless drivetrain, including:

The MegaSpark Brushless Bundle Combat Robotics kit is an easy way to order all of the drivetrain parts all at once.


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MegaSpark Brushless Drivetrain Bundle Includes:


Motors: 1x MegaSpark Brushless Premium Planetary Gearmotor
Motor Controller: 1x BL-Heli 20A Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) with Reverse 
Mount: 1x MegaSpark Mount
Screws: 4x Metric M2 0.40mm x 5mm Flat Head Screws (1 kit)


Events for fighting your bot:

  • List of worldwide Robot Combat Events.
  • In the Atlanta Area, combat robotics events occur under the auspices of Robot Battles twice a year, once at MomoCon (Memorial Day weekend) and once at DragonCon (Labor Day Weekend).
  • ItGresa fields teams at both conventions every year, and we are always looking to add fighters to our teams.
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