Mini 3.5mm bullet connectors with heat shrink tubing


These Mini 3.5mm bullet connectors are great for wiring your combat bot. They allow you to quickly disconnect any electrical connection, but their strong, positive connection force means that they won’t separate accidentally during a fight.

The gold plated copper on the surface of the mini 3.5mm bullet connector provides a low resistance connection to ensure good current flow.

These connectors allow you to quickly replace any component in combat, rather than having to desolder and resolder the part under pressure.

The red and black heat shrink tubing helps make sure that the connector doesn’t short during combat. Easy to install! Just slip the heat shrink over the connection and heat it up with a hair dryer or heater designed for heating up heat shrink. (Our 17-year-old likes to use a lighter! But we don’t recommend that.)


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Mini 3.5mm bullet connectors:

Category Specification
Material: Gold Plated Copper
Color: Gold
Qty: 6 ea, male and female
Drive: Hex, 3/32″ deep socket
Length: 12.3mm, 0.48in
Diameter: 3.5mm, 0.14in
Outer Diameter: 4.7MM, 0.19in

Heat Shrink Tubing:

Category Specification
Material: Gold Plated Copper
Color: Red and Black
Qty: 6 ea, red and black