Mini Power Switch Mounting Kit


The Mini Power Switch Mounting Kit

When you’re at one of the last steps in building your bot– trying to figure out how to mount your Fingertech Mini Power Switch to your chassis– it’s just so inconvenient!

  • You never have the right hardware to mount the switch
  • You have to refer to the specifications on the switch to figure out what to order
  • Once you order the correct hardware, it takes a while to get it
  • If you go with those tiny plastite screws, they can pull out after a big hit
  • Meanwhile, you’re delaying the completion of your build because of this last, critical step
  • It’s annoying!

We’re ashamed to admit we’ve used hot glue a time or two– which feels a little… amateurish.

“But why should I buy a kit like this from you”, you ask, “when I can just buy the parts from a supplier like McMaster? It’s cheaper!”

Well, here’s the deal: once you buy the minimum quantities of each part, and then pay the shipping, you’ll have spent $25.00. Sure, you can make 25 of these kits, and maybe spend a little bit less for each, but you’ll have spent a lot more than if you buy one or two sets from us at $3.50 each! Plus the hassle, the waiting, and your own time.

Just get the kit from ItGresa! We’ve done all the work for you.

You know you want to.

The Mini Power Switch Mounting Kit includes:

  • Two extra long screws– long enough for any chassis thickness.
  • Two lock washers, to keep the switch in place without moving.
  • Two nuts.

Our job is to make your life easier! All you have to do is let us!


16 in stock (can be backordered)


Name Size Material Dimensions
Button Head Hex Drive Screw 2-56 Black Oxide Alloy Steel 1″ long
Hex Nut 2-56 Zinc Plated Steel
Split Lock Washer 18-8, for #2 Screw Stainless Steel 0.094″ ID, 0.172″OD