Nano Power Switch


Do grams matter? Do you need the absolute lightest and simplest switch? The Nano is the smallest, lightest, and most versatile screw switch for 150g and 1lb combat robots that you are likely to find anywhere.

Designed and built by Combat Robot Designer Joseph Betz of Betz Botz, the Nano Power Combat Robotics Switch is the perfect design for situations where weight really matters. They’re not difficult to mount- just get it in a corner and one screw locks it in place.

The Nano Power Switch has a low profile design that won’t be the deciding factor of your robot’s frame height as well as the ability to fit into corners with up to a 2.85mm radius. In other words, there’s no longer a need for awkward switch placement with billet-style frames.


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Nano Power Combat Robotics Switch

Specification: Value:
Size: 10mm x 10mm x 2mm (height does not include screw head)
Max corner radius: 2mm or 2.85mm depending on the orientation
Weight: ~0.3g (without screw), ~0.7g (with included screw)
Includes: Circuit board, M3 x 6mm black oxide button head screw

Nano Power Combat Robotics Switch Installation:

The switch can be glued in place or mounted with an M2 screw and the same M3 screw used to turn the switch on or off. This allows the user to choose any length of mounting screw and or put a nut on the back.

When soldering the Nano Power Combat Robotics Switch, it’s critical that the M3 screw is screwed in with a very slight gap to the board. This allows the solder to evenly distribute under and around the screw. This switch will not function if the solder height between pads is not equal!

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