Propdrive V2 3536 1400KV motor


If you want to run a heavy weapon like our Hashibira blade, it’s paramount that you match the motor to the weapon. A motor without enough “oomph” can only lead to disappointment and motor performance anxiety. We offer the PROPDRIVE v2 motors, which are designed to perform right out of the box with tight windings, smooth bearings, correctly rated magnets, precision-cut stator, and balanced rotors.

Our manufacturer designs and builds the PROPDRIVE v2 motors completely in-house, allowing them to control every aspect of production. THey have control of the entire production line, from material sourcing to machining, balancing, and final assembly. PROPDRIVE motors can be trusted to provide years of reliable service at a price every builder can afford.

These motors are very rugged, built like a tank. They are exactly what you need to drive your weapon.


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PROPDRIVE v2 3536 1400KV:

Detailed Motor Specifications

Category Value
KV: 1400KV
Max current: 45A
ESC: 50~70A
Cell count: 3s~4s Lipoly
Mounting holes: 25mm
Mounting thread: M3
Motor Shaft: 5mm
Connectors: 3.5mm Bullet
Weight 121g
Kv(rpm/v) 1400.00
Resistance (mh) 16.00
Power (W) 550.00
Can Diameter C(mm) 35.00
Max Current (Motor) (A) 45.00
Max Voltage (V) 17.00
Diameter Shaft A(mm) 5.00

Diagram of propdrive 3536 motor

Rugged motors for beetleweight combat are essential.

See our Silver Sparks for your antweight motors: 33.3:1 and 22.2:1.

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