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Does your antweight suffer from a lack of drive power? Have you stripped the gearboxes on your drive motors leaving your bot stranded in the arena?
 Concerned about the cost and complexity of brushless drive motor systems?

Builder Peter Garnache suffered from these kinds of problems, and it inspired him to develop a more rugged 16mm brushed gearmotor for the combat robot builder market.

While developing his 16mm brushless planetary gearmotors, Peter wondered why there weren’t any good brushed motor options out there with planetary gearboxes. While he was designing the gearboxes on his new Mk2 brushless motors, he took all of the notes and upgrades and coupled the resulting planetary gearbox design with a completely custom 030 sized brushed motor.

Repeat Robotics Brushed motors can draw up to 2A at stall, and are seriously powerful for their size. This is almost a drop-in replacement for the common 16mm motors in the sport today. They are also unique, first-to-market, battle-tested motors that we think will make the combat robot world sit up and take notice. These motors will empower you to drive circles around your competition… literally.

Antweights are the most common competitive combat bot. As new builders start in the sport, Antweights are becoming even more prevalent, better engineered, and more destructive. And the available motors have been good for the time, but we believe these motors are more durable and able to withstand the rigors of the ring better.

Important note:

This is the first production run of the brushless motors. Once these are gone, leadtimes may be longer than you want. And you know what supply chains are like these days. We expect these to sell out very quickly! Don’t be disappointed, order now!


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Important note:

Our first shipments from Repeat Robotics have arrived!

These will go quickly! Once they are gone, leadtimes may be extended before we can get more back in. Buy now, so you’re not disappointed!

In development for more than a year, the new Repeat Robotics Brushed Gearmotor is here so that you can dominate the antweight game. Want more speed and power? Want increased reliability? Look no further!

Repeat Robotics Brushed Gearmotor Features:

  • The extended motor shaft allows you to cut to length to improve versatility.
  • The shaft is also made from a durable, stronger steel to survive larger impacts.
  • The shaft is retained without the use of a circlip, eliminating the main failure mode and improving the durability.
  • These motors have been optimized for a beautiful mix of speed and torque. Depending on wheel size, you can outrun or outpush most opponents!
  • Comes ready for combat, just solder the motor lugs to a brushed ESC and you’re on your way (Soldering iron required)

Item Specifications
Rated Voltage 2S-4S
Motor Diameter: 15.25mm (0.60in)
Gearbox Diameter: 16mm (0.63in)
Shaft: 3mm diameter hardened steel with D-flat for setscrews.
Ratio: 22.6:1 all-metal planetary gearbox.
Length: 60mm including 25mm shaft (2.35in including 0.98in shaft)
Weight: 22g (0.78oz)
Recommended ESC: Any suitable antweight brushed drive ESC. tinyESCs and Scorpion Nanos work well.
Mounting holes: 10.5mm M2 Face mount hole pattern

Performance Specs:

Element: Value:
Input: 12v (3S)
Free Speed: 1220rpm
RPM @ 2S: 752rpm
RPM @ 4S: 1504rpm
Stall Current: 2A
Stall Torque: 544 g/cm.
Maximum Power Output: 1.7W.

These motors are designed to be used in combat, where anything can happen. The manufacturer is unable to accept returns for battle damaged products.

ItGresa Robotics is proud to support the builder community by offering and marketing their products. Repeat Robotics is run by a builder who is offering these motors to make the antweight scene in the US more competitive. We will do our best to stay stocked on these products to support the community and the builder, however, we do expect some spiky demand in the early days and we may stock out

Repeat Robotics Brushed Gearmotors: Tested by Experts!

Multiple builders helped test these motors. We’re proud to report that Team ItGresa has run these motors in our bots, and provided feedback to the manufacturer to help make a better motor.

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