Repeat Robotics Brushless Drive Gearmotor Mk2


Does your antweight suffer from a lack of drive power? Have you stripped the gearboxes on your drive motors leaving your bot stranded in the arena?
 Builder Peter Garnache suffered from these kinds of problems, and it inspired him to develop the first off-the-shelf 16mm brushless gearmotors to be sold to combat robot builders.

These are unique, first-to-market, battle-tested motors that we think will make the combat robot world sit up and take notice.

Repeat drive mini Mk2 is the upgraded version of the original game-changing brushless Mk1 gearmotors from Repeat. They feature a custom wound 1104 brushless motor coupled to a two stage, 22.5:1, all metal, 16mm planetary gearbox. These motors will empower you to drive circles around your competition… literally.

NOTE: The Mk2 has been replaced with the Mk3! We only have one left, if you need it, now’s the time.

“Some have described the available torque [of brushless motors] as ‘apocalyptic'”

Antweights are the most common competitive combat bot. As new builders start in the sport, they are becoming even more prevalent, better engineered, and more destructive. And the available motors have been good, but… imagine brushless power and control in your antweight! Just like the bigger bots, now you can have it.

Repeat Robotics has taken the guesswork out of the brushless drive for the antweight class. With the matching ESCs, there’s no more fiddling with reflashing ESCs – just drop them in your robot and go!

Note: Brushless drive motors require a reversing ESC or your bot will not be able to drive backwards. Make sure you use the Repeat Robotics Reversing Brushless ESC or similar ESC with Reverse capability.

Important note:

This is the last Mk2 we have. Once it’s are gone, it’s gone. Don’t be disappointed, order now!


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In development for more than a year years, the new Repeat Robotics Brushless Gearmotor is here so that you can dominate the antweight game. Want more speed and power? Want increased reliability? Look no further!

Repeat Robotics Brushless Gearmotor Mk2 improvements:

  • The motor shaft was extended so you can cut to length to improve versatility.
  • The motor shaft was also made from stronger steel to survive larger impacts.
  • The shaft is retained without the use of a circlip, eliminating the main failure mode and improving the durability.
  • The motor wires are directly run from the windings, eliminating any chance of the solder joint failing inside the motor.
  • The brushless motor itself was shrunk to decrease weight, length, and to make shielding easier.
  • Motor adapter plate had 3d printed nylon replaced with 6061 aluminum for added strength
  • Internal fasteners were upgraded to alloy steel hardware
  • These motors have been optimized for a beautiful mix of speed and torque. Depending on wheel size, you can outrun or outpush any opponent!
  • Comes ready for combat, just solder the motor leads to a brushless ESC and you’re on your way (Soldering iron required)

Item Specifications
KV: 2800KV
Motor Diameter: 14mm (0.55in) (smaller than gearbox, to allow for keepout shells to prevent entangled wires, if desired)
Gearbox Diameter: 16mm (0.63in)
Shaft: 3mm diameter hardened steel with D-flat for setscrews.
Ratio: 22.5:1 all-metal planetary gearbox.
RPM @ 2S: 916 RPM
RPM @ 3S: 1375 RPM
RPM @ 4S: 1834 RPM
Length: 52.5mm including 25mm shaft (2in including 1in shaft)
Weight: 22g (0.78oz)
Recommended ESC: Repeat Robotics ESC with Reverse
Mounting holes: 10.5mm M2 Face mount hole pattern

Note: The motor wires come directly from the windings of the motor to make them more durable. If you pull hard on the wire casing it could start to back off the wires completely so be careful to not pull hard on the wires.

Note: Brushless drive motors must be used with a reversing ESC. Perfect for the job is Repeat Robotics Reversing Brushless ESC, designed specifically for the Mk2 motors.

These motors are designed to be used in combat, where anything can happen. The manufacturer is unable to accept returns for battle damaged products.

ItGresa Robotics is proud to support the builder community by offering and marketing their products. Repeat Robotics is run by a builder who is offering these motors to make the antweight scene in the US more competitive. We will do our best to stay stocked on these products to support the community and the builder, however, we do expect some spiky demand in the early days and we may stock out

Repeat Robotics Brushless Gearmotors: Tested by Experts!

Multiple builders helped test the Mk1 and Mk2. We’re proud to report that Team ItGresa has run these motors in our bots, and provided feedback to the manufacturer to help make a better motor.

Repeat Robotics brushless gearmotor Mini Mk3 side view drawing