Repeat Robotics Compact Brushless 1806 Drive Gearmotor


Using Brushless more but enjoying it less?

Introducing the Repeat Robotics Compact 1806 Brushless Gearmotor, the lightest brushless beetle drive motor on the market.

Being lightweight doesn’t sacrifice build quality or durability! This motor comes with a hardened steel 4mm billet output shaft, dual bearings on the gearbox output shaft, and a powerful brushless 1806 motor integrated directly into the gearbox.

Similar 1806 brushless motors with 22mm planetary gearboxes have driven beetleweights for years, but the small form factor/weight and reasonable price allows more builders to access brushless beetleweight power!

“Some have described the available torque [of brushless motors] as ‘apocalyptic’”

Repeat Robotics has taken the guesswork out of the brushless drive. With the matching ESCs, there’s no more fiddling with reflashing ESCs – just drop them in your robot and go!

Note: Brushless drive motors require a reversing ESC or your bot will not be able to drive backwards. Make sure you use the Repeat Robotics Reversing Brushless ESC or similar ESC with Reverse capability.


12 in stock (can be backordered)


Item Specifications
KV: 2300KV
Motor Diameter: 23mm (0.91in)
Gearbox Diameter: 22mm (0.87in)
Shaft: 4mm diameter hardened steel with D-flat for setscrews.
Ratio: 22.6:1 gear ratio
RPM @ 3S (11.1V): 1130 rpm free speed
RPM @ 4S (14.8V): 1500 rpm free speed
Recommended voltage: 2-4S
Length: 59.5mm including 25mm shaft (2.34in including 1in shaft)
Weight: 44.5g (1.57oz)
Recommended ESC: 20A or above. See the Repeat Reversing 20A ESC here:
Mounting holes: Four (4) 18mm dia M2 Face mount hole pattern

Repeat Robotics Compact Brushless 1806 Gearmotor Features:

  • Billet 4mm hardened “D” steel shaft
  • Dual bearings on the gearbox output shaft
  • High power brushless 1806-2300kv motor
  • Motor integrated into gearbox structure to reduce failure points
  • Ring gear squared to 16.5mm flat to flat
  • Assembly: solder the motor leads to a 20A or better brushless ESC and you’re on your way (Soldering iron required)

Note: Brushless drive motors must be used with a reversing ESC. Perfect for the job is Repeat Robotics Reversing Brushless ESC, designed specifically for the Mk3 motors.

These motors are designed to be used in combat, where anything can happen. The manufacturer is unable to accept returns for battle damaged products.

ItGresa Robotics is proud to support the builder community by offering and marketing their products. Repeat Robotics is run by a builder who is offering these motors to make combat robotics around the world more competitive. We are committed to stay stocked on these products to support the community and the builder

We are confident that these are some of the most reliable, cost-effective motors in the sport today. We are proud to offer Repeat Robotics’ products.