Repeat Robotics Drive Axle


Once again, master designer Peter Garnache senses a need in robot market and designs a part to fill it. Repeat’s dead shaft axles are perfect for applications where the axle doesn’t rotate, the wheel and pulley do. See the pictures in the gallery for examples.

The Repeat Drive Axle is a 1/4″ flanged, 7075 aluminum standoff, designed to be used in Beetleweight and Antweight drive applications.

An increasing amount of insect-weight combat robots use plastic frame rails, these axles have a flanged section to keep them perpendicular to your frame and your drive running smooth.

Be innovative! Try the Repeat Robotics’ Drive axle!


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Important note:

The latest new product shipment from Repeat Robotics has arrived – the Repeat Drive Axle!

Repeat Robotics Drive Axle Features:

Item: Specifications:
Qty: Set of 2
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Weight: 6.5g for 2 axles. 3.25g ea
Tolerances: Slightly undersized shaft to fit bushings and bearings
Flange: Undersized 17.8mm flange to fit into 18mm pockets for extra strength
Tap: 8-32 through tap, can be cut to length
Length: 33mm
Max diameter: 17.8mm
Shaft Diameter: 6.3mm

A Generous chamfer at the base of the standoff increases strength in combat.

ItGresa Robotics is proud to support the builder community by offering and marketing their products. Repeat Robotics is run by a builder who is offering these motors to make the antweight scene in the US more competitive.

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