Repeat Robotics Dual AM32 ESC


“Gosh! Software is eating the world today. And open source is everywhere. I wonder why no one has created an open-source firmware load for combat robotics ESCs?”

Wonder no longer! Brought to us by our friends at Repeat Robotics, this ESC uses the open source AM32 ESC firmware to drive your bot. This particular setup of AM32 is especially designed for combat robotics brushless drivetrains. The Repeat Robotics Dual AM32 ESC sports custom AM32 firmware that’s pre-programmed for smooth bi-directional movement. They take all the guessing out of brushless drive, and because it’s open source, we get the best software that the world’s minds can come up with! You can read about the AM32 phenomenon on Oscar Liang’s blog.

Several of you have asked when we would start offering AM32. We heard you! And here you are. Following the successful release of the AM32 single ESC, we now offer a DUAL version! Control two motors from a single dual ESC, similar to the famous Scorpion series, but in AM32 from the famous Repeat Robotics.

This firmware and ESC combination was specifically designed for use with Repeat Robotics’ brushless drive motors like the Repeat Drive Mk3 and the Repeat Drive Max, but it can generally be used with any antweight or beetleweight motors with minimal tweaking.

These ESCs have the power to handle up to 6S (with the included electrolytic capacitor)!

NOTE: This speed controller is is for brushless motors only, and can be used to control brushless drive motors but NOT brushed drive motors.


9 in stock (can be backordered)


The Repeat Drive AM32 ESC is an Electronic Speed Controller for brushless drive motors.  A very detailed video on ESCs and how they work can be seen on Youtube here:

Type Brushless
Firmware Open Source AM32
Pre-programmed Pre-programmed with drive settings for Repeat Brushless motors, but will work with most brushless motors
Size 26mm x 20mm x 5mm
Input Voltage 2S-6S Lipo. Comes with capacitor to add to the ESC power leads for 6S operation.
Weight 6g with signal wires
Weight 0.21oz

AM32 standard features, straight from its official description:

  • KISS standard ESC telemetry
  • Variable PWM frequency
  • Sinusoidal startup mode, which is designed to get larger motors up to speed
  • Stuck motor protection
  • Programmable through the AM32 esc config tool available HERE

Repeat Robotics Dual AM32 ESC features:

  • Active current limiting on each channel (Comes with current limit disabled)
  • Includes BEC to power your receiver
  • Power pads on both sides of the board allow you to solder your weapon ESC to the bottom side of the board
  • Suitable for 1lb to 12lb robots when appropriate current limits are set:
    • Suggested 4A-8A current limit for 1lb-3lb robots
    • Suggested 15A-20A current limit for 12lb robots

A great wiring diagram, thanks to Georgia Tech’s RoboJackets Wiki can be found here: DiagramWiring diagram for ESCs driving wheel and weapons motors

Note that the Repeat Drive AM32 ESC would be used in this instance as the controllers for the drive motors in the wiring diagram.  All controllers are driven from the same battery, as you can see from the diagram.

NOTE: This speed controller is forward and reverse, and is recommended to control brushless drive but NOT brushed drive motors.