Robot Power LED


Most events require clearly visible power indicator LEDs to know if your robot is on or off as a safety measure. These make it simple by plugging right into your receiver in any unused channel

These super bright robot power LEDs are highly visible and come in three colors: Red, Blue, and Green!

Our robot power LED includes a panel mount clip for easy installation.

Important Safety Note:

Most receivers run off a BEC from the main battery (for example, the tinyESC motor controllers supply 5V to the receiver), but if your receiver has a separate battery pack, running this LED off the receiver will not indicate if the robot’s main power is on or off. In that case, you would need to have an LED wired to your main battery.

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Robot Power LED

Power LED Specifications:

Specification: Values
Voltage: 3mm Superbright LEDs have built-in resistors for operating at 3-12V. (Most receivers will be at 5V.)
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, and multicolor – heat shrink indicates LED color. (Multicolor heat shrink is gray.)
Length: 15cm of 20gauge wire
Panel-mount Clip hole diameter: 15/64in or 6mm drill bit
Panel-mount Clip panel thickness: 1.6mm (0.0625in) max (thicker panels can be counter-bored to the right size)
Weight: 2.3grams (0.08oz)


  1. Drill a 15/64in (or 6mm) hole in your panel. If the panel is thicker than 1/16in (1.6mm), use a larger drill bit to counterbore the material down to the proper thickness.
  2. Insert the Clip into the panel.
  3. Press the LED into the Clip until it clicks.
  4. Plug connector into your receiver (black Ground wire towards the outside of the case).