Silicone wire 14awg red and black


Our Silicone wire 14awg is the perfect wire for a beetleweight bot- the 14awg wire is a perfect match for the wire on our XT60 connectors, with the same gauge, type, and jacket. This wire is great for making the connection to the Fingertech mini switch and your motors or ESC.

Silicone Wire 14awg Features:

  • Stranded tinned copper makes for easy soldering
  • Ultra flexible
  • Tinning protects copper from oxidizing
  • Since the wire is suitable for automotive applications, it can handle a temperature range of -60° to +200C°, far more than your bot is likely to encounter
  • Widely used for RC applications

Wires need to be soldered. Don’t depend on wire nuts or other connectors like this guy. Start with a decent soldering station like our Hakko, our basic bundle, or our ultimate bundle. You’ll thank us.


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Silicone Wire 14awg red and black:

Category Specification
Material: Stranded tinned copper, silicone jacket
Color: Red and Black
Qty: 1ft ea, red and black
Size: 14awg
Stranding: 400
Wire Cross Section: 2mm2
Overall Diameter with Jacket: 3.5mm
Amperage: 26 amp

Silicone Wire 14awg is designed for extreme environments and can handle high and low temperatures. You’ll never need that level of performance, but there it is!

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