Silver Spark motor 22.2:1

Original price was: $18.99.Current price is: $18.75.

The Silver Spark line of motors has a larger pitch gearhead, for less worrying about stripping teeth in your bigger or heavier applications!

    • Extra-long 3mm shaft for mounting wheels directly with the option to use a bearing block for support on the wheel’s far side.
    • 11mm face mount pattern.
    • All-metal spur gearhead mated to a Mabuchi FK-050 motor.
    • 22.2:1 gear ratio. We carry 22.2:1 and 33:3 in stock.  Email us if you desire another gear ratio:
    • Weight between 28 – 32grams (0.99 – 1.13oz).

The Silver Spark Motor 22.2:1 motors make it super simple to get a robot moving! Just pick up a pair of Snap Wheels and Snap Hubs to mount them, solder on a pair of tinyESCs and your motors are ready to be driven by radio control!  For mounting the motors, use 2-56 screws and our custom motor mounts.

Note – For strenuous conditions (such as robot combat), we recommend removing the gearbox and ensuring that the motor vent hole does not line up with a gearbox pin.  If it does, simply rotate the gearbox 180 degrees and reattach.  Use Loctite on the screws that hold the gearbox to the motor.  This will ensure they cannot separate during competition!

Original price was: $18.99.Current price is: $18.75.

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Product Documents

Drawings - CAD


Our Silver Spark Motors:

Motor (Mabuchi FK-050SH-13125) Specifications
Operating Voltage: 3V – 18.5V (>10V decreases motor life)

Nominal Voltage: 6Vdc
No Load RPM: 11530rpm
No Load Current: 0.09A
Stall Current: 1.3A
Stall Torque: 0.0461kg-cm (0.64oz-in)
Kt: 0.0352kg-cm/A (0.49oz-in/A)
Kv: 1573rpm/V
Peak Efficiency: 52%
RPM @ Peak Eff: 9100
Current @ Peak Eff: 0.34A
Click here for the motor torque, current, rpm and efficiency curve.
Motor Torque curve for Fingertech Silver Spark
Physical Specifications
Gearbox Length: 11.6mm (0.455in)
Motor Length: 28.7mm (1.13in)
Total Gearmotor Length: 40.3mm (1.59in)
Gearbox Diameter: 15.5mm (0.61in)
Shaft Diameter: 3mm (0.12in) with flat along length
Shaft Length: 38mm (1.5in)
Mounting Holes (2): #2-56 spaced 11mm (0.433in) apart
-do not use screws that protrude more than 4mm (0.156in) into gearboxWeight (all ratios): 28grams (0.99oz)

Husarion has a great article about calculating your ideal motor size here: