Soldering Third Hand

One of the hard parts of soldering wires together is that you need hands to hold both wires, to hold the solder, and hands to hold the soldering iron. Too many hands! The solution is the magic of a Third Hand! It has alligator clips for holding wires, parts, or electronics, with 360° ball joints at the elbow and endpoints. It also has a magnifying glass to view the soldering close up. It may seem like a tool like this is a nice to have, but you’ll soon discover it’s a must-have.

This helpful tool frees your hands for safe soldering, gluing, positioning, fastening, and assembly. Great for objects requiring a high degree of precision.


  • Two 360° ball joints on each holding arm.
  • Strong, spring-loaded alligator clips hold parts securely.
  • 2x magnifying glass on 360° ball joint.
  • Heavy duty cast iron base to hold and stabilize the helping hand while working.
  • Two 360° ball joints next to base give a full range of motion for the assembly section.


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Specification Parameter
Part Number 01902
Material: Cast iron base
Dimensions: 5″ x 3″ x 2.68″
Weight: 10.8 oz.