Soldering Tools Basic Bundle

If you’re going to do combat robotics, you’ll need to solder, and good soldering tools and supplies actually DO make the difference. The ItGresa Soldering Tools Basics Bundle gives you all of the basics that you’ll need to get started. It includes the folloing:

  • Hakko’s excellent digital soldering station, with soldering iron, cleaning sponge, tip, and iron holder
  • Rosin core 63-37 solder
  • Rosin Flux
  • Spare soldering iron tip
  • Paste Tip Cleaning Paste

The digital soldering station in this kit is easy to set up and operate and includes many new features:

  • All digital operation
  • Password protection
  • Five preset temperature storage capability
  • Compact design takes up less workbench space


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The ItGresa Soldering Tools Basic Bundle Includes:

Item: Part Number:
Hakko Soldering Station** FX-888D
** Includes:
– Digital Soldering Station FX-888D
– Soldering Iron FX8801-02
– Soldering Iron Tip T18-D16
– Soldering Iron Holder FH800-03BY
– Cleaning Sponge A1559
– Tip Cleaning Wire A1561
– Instruction Manual
Extra Soldering Iron Tip T18-DL24
Tip Cleaning Paste FS-100
Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire MAIYUM 63-37
Paste Solder Flux SRA #135