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Synthwave Antweight Combat Robot Kit


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Synthwave Antweight Combat Robot Kit:

Synthwave is another one of our Builder’s Line: we love to offer some of the best kits in the world, designed and manufactured by builders who have spent years and thousands of dollars perfecting their kit.

Today, we offer for the first time on ItGresa… Synthwave! Synthwave is a Hypershock-inspired competitive Antweight Kit (US Spec: 1lb, not 150g). Synthwave’s designer is Kyle Kuffrey, of Maximum Effort Robotics. Kyle says, “I wanted to offer something competitive, but entertaining, and at a price point that is still attainable… it’s not your standard entry-level kit”.

Synthwave Features:

  • All kit purchases will come with a USB loaded with the print files for all of the printed parts on the bot.
  • Chassis Material: Carbon fiber nylon printed unibody chassis. Printed in either carbon fiber nylon or Taulman alloy 910 and TPU.
  • Weapon: 2 3MM thick AR500 disks bolted through a solid carbon fiber nylon weapon hub.
  • Weapon Drivetrain: Driven by an inset battle-hardened 1400kv brushless weapon motor that is run by a reversible 35A brushless programmable ESC, and supported on the other side on an M6 bolt run through a flanged bearing.
  • Drive: Brushed motors directly drive the rear wheels. Belts bring power to the front wheels.
  • Defenses: Shaped armor that deflects vertical and horizontal spinners, and keeps the energy of the weapon transferring into the opponent upon impact instead of driving the bot downward.
  • Power: All of the electronics are run by a 3s Lipo, run through a purpose-built power switch, with a BEC for the receiver. The 3s Lipo is NOT INCLUDED. If you want a kit with a Lipo, buy one of our Lipo bundles.
  • Armor: 1MM grade 5 titanium front plates, attached inside the bot to two UHMW backer blocks, distribute forces exerted on the plates across the whole of the armor, not just the screw holes.

Synthwave Bundles:

Includes everything required for functional robot except transmitter/receiver and 3s lipo. See our bundles for complete sets of ancillary gear literally everything you need.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Due to the nature of this robot, we do not recommend this kit as a first robot. This robot is also not appropriate for children. It is a destructive antweight combat bot. Despite their small size, antweight bots like these can be incredibly dangerous and should always be handled with safety in mind. There is as much kinetic energy in this bot’s weapon as in a small caliber bullet. Buyer assumes all liability for injuries occurring from improper usage.

Always test in an adequate test box.

ItGresa is very proud to continue to offer the best new products from the robot community and we’re VERY happy to offer this Kit from Kyle Kuffrey of Maximum Effort Robotics.

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Synthwave Antweight Combat Robot Kit Includes:

Item: Length: Width: Height: Weight: Material:
Synthwave Antweight Combat Robot Kit** 6.75″ 6.25″ max 3.875″ 14.3 oz. Carbon Fiber Nylon, TPU, Taulmann Alloy 910, AR500, Grade 5 Titanium
Kit Box: 6″ 4.4″ 2″ oz.
Includes USB containing all print files for 3D printed parts.

Total Synthwave Antweight Combat Robot Kit Weight: 14.3oz, excluding battery and receiver. Note that the Antweight weight limit is 1 lb, 16oz. This leaves 1.7oz for the battery and receiver.

The Synthwave Antweight Combat Robot Kit includes everything you need to make the robot run EXCEPT a battery (you’ll also need the means to charge it), and a compatible receiver/transmitter to control the bot. See our links for details.

This is not a toy! Synthwave has a dangerous spinning weapon that packs as much kinetic energy as a bullet. This kit is intended only for serious robot fighters with experience. A test box is also required for safety. Do not run or test the bot outside of the test box or a properly configured arena.

Events for fighting your bot:

  • List of worldwide Robot Combat Events.
  • In the Atlanta Area, combat robotics events occur under the auspices of Robot Battles twice a year, once at MomoCon (Memorial Day weekend) and once at DragonCon (Labor Day Weekend).
  • ItGresa fields teams at both conventions every year, and we are always looking to add fighters to our teams.