T6A programming cable


T6A Programming cable for programming “T6A” and “HobbyKing HK-T6A” Transmitters
• Program mixing and channel variables.
• Works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7/10.

The inexpensive T6A Radio Transmitter requires a T6A programming cable to modify any of the channel variables including mixing and servo reversing.  (Download the T6 Manual.)

The program is free and can be downloaded here: T6install.zip (includes WinXP driver and T6config program).
If you are running Vista, you will need to install this driver instead: Vista-Driver.  For Windows 7 and 10: Win7-Driver.  You can also find the downloads under the documents tab.  NOTE:  Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 have serious cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  We do NOT recommend that you continue using these machines, but we recognize that people out there still do, We are including these drivers as a convenience to those people who have not yet upgraded.

You can then load configuration files into the transmitter.  The base file is hk-t6a-Viper-mixed-R2 (or if you prefer tank steering: hk-t6a-Viper-tank-R1 – this also allows both Ch5 and Ch6 to be used)


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Instructions for installation:

Requires T6A programming cable and a Windows machine.


MAC SUPPORT NOTE:  3/10/2021.  We have tested this software on a Macbook Pro 2013 running Big Sur 11.2.2 using Parallels.  It works!  It will cost you $79.99 for Parallels, though.  You can find it in the app store, and it will basically set up a virtual machine on your Mac that runs Windows 10.  FOLLOW THE BELOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY and make certain you have purchased our cable.  We think the odds are good that it will work on your Mac, but we cannot test all configurations and don’t guarantee it.  Our friend and mentor, Kurtis Wanner, owner of Fingertech, also pointed us to this site:  http://www.zenoshrdlu.com/turborix/ which gives you an alternate solution for Macs.  Note that the site is not https:// compliant and we can’t vouch for its security,

Do not plug anything in yet.
1. Install the driver (CP210x Driver Installer)
2. Now plug the T6A programming cable into a usb port. Windows will detect it and install its own drivers.
3. Install T6config, for an XP machine, Vista-Driver for a Vista machine, and Win7-Driver for a Windows 7-10 machine
4. Open your Control Panel and open System->Hardware->Device Manager. Expand Ports and make note of the “Prolific USB to Serial” COM Port.  (Note:  often the correct port will simply show once you use the T6A config software)
4. Plug the T6A programming cable into the back of the T6A transmitter and turn it on.
5. Run T6config. Select Setting and set the COM Port to the one you noted before.
6. Verify that moving the transmitter sticks moves the green bars. Don’t click anything yet.
7. After verifying it is communicating, click “GETUSER”. (Important! Making changes before clicking GETUSER will mangle the transmitter settings.  Not a problem if you are just loading a saved program.)
8. Save your settings right away so you can come back to them if you need to.
9. Now you can start modifying settings OR load our default file “hk-t6a-Viper-mixed-R2” into the transmitter by clicking Open and selecting that file. It will load into the transmitter immediately.  The tank driving file is hk-t6a-viper-tank-r1.

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