Turnabot High Power N10 Motors


N10 motors are smaller and lighter than N20 motors. Turnabot N10 motors are more powerful than “most” N20 motors. We also have N20 motors which are similar to our N10 motors in the N20 bodies.

Torque and stall current has a near-linear relationship. For comparison, cheap N20 motors stall as low as 0.25a on 2S. Decent N20 motors stall at 0.45a, and “good” motors often stall near 0.9a. The “best” N20s do go as high as 1.6a and are appropriately expensive.

  • Turnabot 700 rpm N10 motors stall at 1.2a on 2S (~8.0 volts)
  • Turnabot 1200, 1650, 2200, and 3600 rpm N10 motors stall at 1.0a on 2S.

Please note that even the 3600rpm motors have enough torque that with four of the stickiest tires the Turnabot team is aware of, a 2S lipo at its minimum suggested voltage (7.4v), and while carrying another 150g bot (300g on the wheels) these will still spin all four tires. The lower rpm motors can spin four sticky tires even in 1lb bots.

This much power in this small of a package means these motors should NOT be stalled for any length of time.

NOTE: Turnabot has moved from their N10 1200rpm to N10 1400rpm.


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N10 Motors

Specification Value
Output Shaft Style D-shaft
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Support Brass Case
Gear Material Metal
RPM (No Load @ 12VDC) 700,1200,1650, 2200, 3600
Current (Stall @ 2S) 1.2A: 700; 1.0A: 1200, 1650, 2200, 3600
Gearbox Style Straight Cut Spur
Connector Type Male Spade Terminal
Weight 8.4g
Gearbox Length: 9mm
Motor Length: 13mm
Total Length: 32.3mm
Gearbox Diameter: 12mm x 10mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Shaft Length: 9mm
Mounting Holes (2): M1.6 9mm apart
Mounting screw M1.6

NOTE: Turnabot has moved from their N10 1200rpm to N10 1400rpm.

Husarion has a great article about calculating your ideal motor size here: