Turnabot High Power N20 Motors


N20 Motors are tiny brushed DC motors with integrated gearboxes. These Turnabot N20 motors are not your standard N20’s! Hand-selected by the Turnabot team, they are manufactured to higher standards. These motors will last longer than standard motors. They have better performance than most less expensive alternatives. N20’s are compact and lightweight and extremely useful for fairyweights and antweights.

N20’s staples in the UK and are becoming more popular in the US as fairyweight robots become more common and lowering motor weight to allow more weight to be devoted to weapons is more of a priority. They are a classic from the early days of robot combat and they are still very common today. The combination of relatively low cost, minimal weight plus power makes them ideal for US fairyweight bots. They have also been used with success for US antweight bots, depending on the gear ratio.

Turnabot has recently added more N20’s to their series 800RPM, 1200RPM, 1400RPM, and 2000RPM motors so you can get a broader range of power, even with a 2S battery.


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N20 Motors

Specification Value
Type Brushless
Output Shaft Style D-shaft
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Support Brass Case
Gear Material Metal
Gearbox Style Straight Cut Spur
Connector Type Male Spade Terminal
Weight 9g
Gearbox Length: 9mm
Motor Length: 15mm
Total Length: 35.2mm
Gearbox Diameter: 12mm x 10mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Shaft Length: 9mm
Mounting Holes (2): M1.6 9mm apart
Mounting screw M1.6
RPM 1400

Husarion has a great article about calculating your ideal motor size here: