Viper Horizontal Spinner Armor Panels


Is your Viper’s armor getting a bit chewed up?  Going to an event and needing spares?  Don’t feel like making your own?  Grab yourself an extra set of polycarbonate armor panels here.  Includes both the front armor and the top armor.

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Product Documents


Viper Horizontal Armor Set:

  • Top material: Polycarbonate, 1.6mm (0.63in) thick
  • Front material: Polycarbonate, 3mm (0.12in) thick
  • Top weight: 26grams (0.92oz)
  • Front weight: 24grams (0.85oz)

If you DO feel like making your own, particularly in some other material like titanium, Kurtis Wanner, Fingertech Owner/CEO, has graciously shared a dimensioned drawing for you:

Viper Horizontal Spinner Dimensioned drawing

If you’re thinking about making your own Viper Horizontal Armor Set, Polycarobonate isn’t that difficult to cut. Detailed instructions here. The material can be drilled with a standard drill, scored and snapped, or cut with a circular saw or a bandsaw.

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