Viper Horizontal Spinner Kit


Add a vicious Viper horizontal spinner weapon to your Viper Combat Robot!
(Shown with optional Titanium 6-inch Weapon Blade!) Included: 5.5-inch Titanium Weapon Blade.
(Requires modifying the original plastic armor, or buy a new set here: Horizontal Spinner Armor Set)

NOTE: This is for the upgrade kit only, does not include the Viper combat bot. Shown here for illustration only.

Combat robots are inherently dangerous when weaponized.  Only test and use your combat bot with safety protection in an enclosed stadium.  Buyer assumes all responsibility.


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The Viper horizontal spinner kit:

  • Weight: Added to the base Viper kit, the total weight is:
    • 448g (15.8oz) with a 9V battery
    • 421g (14.85oz) with a 2S 300mAh lipoly, or
    • 428g (15.1oz) with a 3S 300mAh lipoly.
  • Blade diameter: Accommodates blades up to 15.2cm (6in) tip-to-tip.
  • Voltage: 7.4V – 11.1V.  The 7.4V battery included with the Viper base kit works great, but a 3S lipo will give the weapon extra oomph!

Kit Includes:

Motor: D2822/17 1100KV Brushless Motor + screws
Controller: 20A Brushless Speed Controller
Blade Hub: Holds any blade <=3mm thick with bore of 10mm, 16mm (5/8in), or 20mm
5.5″ Titanium Blade: FingerTech 5.5inch x 3mm Titanium FTR Bar
Angled Motor Mount: Angled D2822 Motor Mount fastens the weapon motor solidly at a 4 degree downward angle
Screws: All screws required to assemble and mount the kit.
Instructions: Detailed instructions with pictures.

– Wrenches: 15/16in and 1in
– Threadlock liquid
– Electrical tape, ziptie, or twist-tie
– Phillips screwdriver
– C-clamp for weapon safety lock