Viper Replacement Armor Panels


Viper Replacement armor panels for the standard, unmodified Viper.  Pre-cut.

Is your Viper’s armor getting a bit chewed up?  Going to an event and needing spares?  Don’t feel like making your own?  Grab yourself an extra set of polycarbonate Viper replacement armor panels for a standard Viper here.

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Viper Replacement Armor Panels

Includes Top Armor Panel and Front Armor Panel. The hole pattern matches the standard Viper configuration for easy addition to the chassis. See the drawings for key dimensions in case you are designing another chassis and want it to fit the standard Viper armor. Includes also cutouts for the Viper lifter kit and is interchangeable with the lifter kit. No modification to the armor is required to add a lifter.

Armor can ofter be damaged in a fight, particularly the front plate. And it’s a pain to repair or replace your armor if you have to build it yourself. Make your life easy! Get your replacement armor here.

Note on making your own armor: plexiglass shatters easily and is not recommended for armor due to this. Make sure, if you are making your own armor, that you use polycarbonate (Lexan) or other durable material (UHMW, Aluminum, Titanium)

Top material: Polycarbonate, 1.6mm (0.63in) thick
Front material: Polycarbonate, 3mm (0.12in) thick
Top weight: 26grams (0.92oz)
Front weight: 24grams (0.85oz)