Viper Vertical Spinner Armor Panels

Original price was: $21.50.Current price is: $19.99.

Viper Vertical Spinner Armor Replacement panels for the weaponized vertical spinner Viper.  The Viper vertical spinner armor is pre-cut, so you don’t have to do anything except screw it on.

Is your Viper’s armor getting a bit chewed up?  Going to an event and needing spares?  Don’t feel like making your own?  Grab yourself an extra set of polycarbonate Viper replacement armor panels for your weaponized vertical spinner Viper here.

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Original price was: $21.50.Current price is: $19.99.

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Viper Vertical Spinner Armor

  • Top material: Polycarbonate, 1.6mm (0.63in) thick
  • Front material: Polycarbonate, 3mm (0.12in) thick
  • Top weight: 18.2grams (0.64oz)
  • Front weight: 22.6grams (0.80oz)


Vertical spinners, due to the stresses generated perpendicular to the forces generated by the opponent’s weapon, are particularly effective against horizontal spinners and bar weapons. So your bot, when outfitted with the Vertical Spinner kit, will be a major contender in the ring.

However, even a dominant robot takes a lot of hits, and your armor can get damaged pretty quickly. You’ve got several choices:

  • Live with it
  • Build your own and deal with CAD and manufacturing, or
  • Order your own from ItGresa!

We can get you your armor quickly because we’re based in the US, and we can make your life easier. We use only Fingertech factory parts, so the quality is what you’ve come to expect. Our shipping is less than shipping from Canada, our prices are the same, and you’ve got enough to worry about just getting your bot ready for the match (yes, we’ve put in those late nights just like you have so we know what it’s like!

We also recommend a Viper Replacement Screw kit so you don’t have to hunt down pesky missing screws.