Viper Vertical Spinner Teeth


When you use FingerTech’s Vertical Spinner to destroy your competition, your weapon’s teeth are going to take a lot of hits!  Fingertech’s Vertical Spinner Teeth take a lot of abuse, even weapon to weapon contact at times. As such, they sometimes need to be replaced. No need to replace the entire clamping drum, just replace the teeth!

ItGresa Robotics has partnered with Fingertech to bring the best of their robotics to the United States.  Fingertech’s expertise, plus our robotic activities, make the ideal partnership, and we are proud to offer Fingertech products.


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Every Vertical Spinner takes hits and sooner or later needs to be replaced. Teeth get hit more than the spinner and may take severe damage. Always a great idea to have additional teeth on hand for replacements. Viper Vertical Spinner Teeth allow you to replace only the teeth, not the entire assembly.

This kit includes a pair of replacement AR400 Steel impactor “Teeth” for the FingerTech Clamping Drum Weapon.

Spec Value
Dimensions: 16.5×13.5×4.9mm (0.65×0.53×0.19in)
Mounting Holes: 4.5mm for 8-32 screws, spaced 8.5mm (0.33in) apart, 4.8mm (0.19in) from the edge.
Material: AR400 Steel
Weight: 6.7g (0.24oz) each tooth
Sold as: Pairs

Pro Tip: Bevel the teeth so you are hitting the opponent with a sharp edge. It will give a better bite and really send them flying!