VOTIK PTK 9497 MG-D Micro Servo


The VOTIK PTK 9497 MG-D Micro Servo is an ultra high end powerful servo that is designed for any application requiring power, precision and reliability. This servo is light enough for any Fairyweight/150g bot.

These PTK servos are “shockingly affordable” for their specs. We have tested them at length and have found them to be extremely durable.

Like all servos from Turnabot, these are extremely hard to hurt with normal usage. Many cheaper servos will burn out after only a few seconds of “hard-stalling” and often die after only a few minutes when very lightly stalled. These servos will put up with some stalling for entire battery packs.

*PLEASE NOTE* stalling them will make them HOT. Unlike cheap servos, they survive a lot of abuse, but please be aware that they can become uncomfortably hot to the touch. It is still best to avoid stalling them as much as possible (it also uses a lot of battery energy to stall them).

Everything about the Micro Servo has been designed to offer the best performance for truly demanding applications like Combat Robotics. It’s thin enough to be mounted in the smallest fairyweights.

Also designed for rapid operating speeds, the PTK 9497 MG-D Micro Servo offers speed and control. The Coreless design means that it has a smoother, more constant, and stronger action. Coreless motors also offer a faster response due to the lighter weight of the internals.

This Micro Servo has a metal gear train to provide overall strength. Utilizing high-strength metal gears means that the servo can stand up to crash damage for the best survivability when under the highest levels of stress.

PTK Micro Servo Features:

  • Engineered for High Performance Extremes
  • Micro size thermal dissipating aluminum case
  • Coreless Motor Design for Optimized High Torque and speed
  • Dual Ball Bearing Design
  • 8.4V High Voltage Ready

These servos are recommended for the Turnabot series of Fairyweight bots.


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VOTIK PTK 9497 MG-D Micro Servo

Use 9v voltage regulator for batteries that are higher than 9V (3S batteries, for example). See the 9V regulator and wiring diagram for a Viper HERE.

Parameter: Spec:
Gears: Metal, dual bearing
Voltage: 4.8V – 8.4V DC
Speed/Torque (4.8V): 5.4kg/cm – 0.11s/60°
Speed/Torque (6.0V): 6.8kg/cm – 0.09s/60°
Speed/Torque (7.4V): 8.6kg/cm – 0.08s/60°
Dimensions: 22.9 x 26 x 11.9 mm; 0.90 x 1.0in x 0.47in
Weight: 19.2g (0.oz)