XT30 connector – female


Many people are now using XT30 connectors to simplify wiring and speed field replacement. Major vendors like Fingertech are offering XT30 connectors on their batteries, and companies like Just ‘Cuz Robotics are now offering power distribution (PD) options that focus on XT30. The goal is to simplify the connections, by using reliable connectors like our XT30 family of wired and bare connectors.

Our connectors are high quality, high strand count silicon wire.  This gives a higher amp throughput vs the standard wire of the same diameter. Connectors are gold plated for higher current handling and reduced intermittency due to oxidation. These are also great for a power disconnect, or as a general connector. Male two pin XT30 connectors are used to connect to our 300mAh Galaxy Lipoly battery packs.

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Product Documents


XT30 connector female with wires

  • 10cm 18 AWG Soft Silicone Wire Cable
  • XT30 Male Connector
  • Weight: 3g, 0.1oz
  • Wire Length: 100mm, 3.95″
  • Strip length: 3.9mm, 0.15″
  • Total Length: 110.9mm, 4.37″
  • Width: 5.2mm, 0.2″
  • Thickness: 5.4mm, 0.20mm
  • Current: Connector Rated 30A continuous, 65A peak. 18AWG wire rated 16A continuous in free air
  • Connector Housing Dimensions: 13mm x 10.2mm x 5.4mm.  
  • Plug connector color: yellow; Cable wire color: red and black
  • Suitable for combat robotics and also for most mini RC models, and LED strip lights.  Also used for connecting motors, Electronics Speed Controllers, and batteries.
  • Used to connect to our Just ‘Cuz Power distribution units.

To use our Just ‘Cuz power distribution units effectively, you’ll need some of these and some bare connectors to plug into the board and continue the wiring in the bot.