XT30u connector only male-female pairs


If you’ve connected a lipoly battery in your robot or other device and you’re using a beetleweight setup, you may be using a two pin XT30u connector on your battery, on your ESC, or to connect your wiring.  These are needed on any of our Just ‘Cuz robotics power distribution family of boards. Ours are high quality genuine Amass XT30u connectors, made from high temperature nylon for ruggedness and durability.  These connectors provide a higher amp throughput. Connectors are gold plated for higher current handling and reduced intermittency due to oxidation. Great for a power disconnect, or as a general connector.

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XT30u connector male-female pair

  • Plain connectors only, no wires
  • Includes four (4) XT30u High Quality Amass male and female Connector pairs
  • High Temperature Nylon Material XT-30u
  • Weight 17.5g
  • 15 Amp (30A Instantaneous) Current Handling Bullet Connectors
  • Connector Dimensions: 5.2mm x 10.2mm x 12.4mm (female), x 13.7mm (male)
  • Plug connector color: yellow
  • Suitable for combat robotics and also for most mini RC models, and LED strip lights.  Also used for connecting motors, Electronics Speed Controllers, and batteries.

These connectors are used in a variety of power transmission applications. Many high power components are also fitted with XT30 connectors.