ItGresa Robotics

ItGresa is committed to the community by teaching robotics for kids from 4 to 15 years old.  As CEO, as a woman, and as a minority, I know that many more kids in the US can become engineers if given the right environment early in their school career.  One of the ways we give back is through our commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and our commitment to our Robotics teams.  We sponsor and teach robotics to two teams every competition year.

Robotics: ideal for kids who like to experiment

Robotics refines motor skills

Robotics teaches teamwork

Children learn engineering concepts

Kids grow as leaders

...and experience success

We partner with the best…


ItGresa Robotics teams are part of FIRST Robotics.  First has three divisions, Jr. First Lego League, First Lego League, and First Robotics.
Our Two Teams

Team Robo-Sloovian

First Lego League

Age Group:  10-15

Members:  John Allen, Sebastian Sims, Sam Sagarin, Connor Hernandez

Team Botzilla

Jr. First Lego League

Age Group:  6-9

Members:  Charlie Allen, Sofhy Jacho, Oliver Watkins, Derrick Lee, Caleb Gurbaxani

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